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Dragon tendon story

Case Study

The dragon tendon treatment is a course of 5 treatments. 




After you finish the full term of the dragon tendon therapy, you will notice the following effects to your body.



1: Your urine will be darker in colour. This is normal as it releases the toxins that have built up in the body. You may also experience your urination flow being a lot stronger. 

(1. 您的尿液顏色有可能變深,並且您在排尿的同時會感到比較順暢且有力)


2. More blood flow is drawn to the penis allowing for a harder erection. 

(2. 您的陰莖將比以往更有活力,更硬更強壯,並且更持久)


3. A morning erection is a normal side effect from this therapy. 

(3. 您可能會有更多的機會晨勃,晨勃的同時也會比以往強壯)


A dragon tendon massage is designed to improving mens health and functionality. It helps to increase blood flow from the prostate glands and helps clear up any blockages such as knots and inflammation points.


NOTE: People with cancer, diabetes, heart disease and major internal organ surgeries should NOT do it.


抓龍筋的功效:比較高端的是一種保健級別,平衝心身灵,促進血液循環,補腎壯陽、、強精益氣,適用於腰酸、 水腫、可以強 筋、通絡,恢復疲勞.小便頻數 ,可以強筋,通絡,恢復疲勞和調理等等


*John, Chinese, 58 years old


John has been taking Viagra since 2012 but only 3 years ago, the effects of viagra became less effective. This has led to levels of dissatisfactions amongst himself as well as his partner.


John was then recommended by a friend to do a dragon tendon massage as it would assist him. 


John was very nervous at first coming forth with his problems. After a consultation over the phone and understanding Johns needs, he then booked a dragon tendon massage. 


John now is a regular client and has been coming for over 3 months with results being a complete success. Ever since his first service, John has experienced increase levels of libido where viagra is not needed to achieve a younger mans sex drive. Positive results will also improve self esteem.


At Rosebery Health Workshop, we have helped hundreds of people in similar situations like John and it brings us joy to see successful results in our clients which will only drive us into the future to service the greater communities.


*Names have been changed to protect identities  


客戶John 中國人,58歲
















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